What do I need to bring?

1. Comfy clothes
2. Water Bottle
3. Positive attitude
4. £6.50 in cash or £7 as a minimum charge for the card machine
We have gloves and pads that you can borrow for a session when required.

Frequently asked questions

I've never boxed before which session is for me?

The general session 6pm-7pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Wednesday at 6pm is when we have the most amount of coaches down, so ideal for anyone's first session!

*please come down 10/15 mins before the start of the session if you have never boxed before so that we can go through some basics with you before the session starts)

I'm nervous about attending what advise can you offer?

Getting through the doors the hardest part. Once you get going theres no looking back. You'll be put through a thorough warm up by our coaches and taken through basic technique alongside the class. Have a look at this playlist so you know what sort of thing to expect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIM92dDFOHY&list=PL1oWSMiM6PsSjYzxa2rhIJoAmbbvfuJKx

Best advise: One of the conversations I often have in the gym with new people is something that is usually learned a lot further down the line. The problem is, as you can probably imagine, that not many people get to this 'stage'. You will feel silly a times, even Mike Tyson & Muhammad Ali went through their first days in a gym, especially during your first 4/5 sessions. This is part of the process and makes it all the more accomplishing when you feel confident and good going through pad/bag work/shoulder & knee sparring.

What times are sessions?

How do I book in a Personal 1-1 lesson or book my school / organization in?

1-1 session: picktime.com/harrogateboxingclub @bensboxing @harrogateboxing121s or text 07852251744

School/youth club/ Social organization:

Call/ text Ben - 07852251744

Email: harrogateboxingclub@gmail.com

What size/oz gloves should I get & potential low budget recommendation?

Check out the picture with an approximate size guide, feel free to send a message if you're buying a set for somebody and need some specific advise! Also check out our Budget friendly boxing equipment section on the navigation bar or click