Harrogate Boxing Club

Its about more than just boxing...

Our gym aims to & does produce quality boxers who can be competent competing at a high level. However, more importantly we make sure that we prioritize values and attitude over raw talent. We're a real community down at our gym and have a wide and diverse range of members who regularly draw on the benefits that boxing can give them.

Respect all, fear none

Since it's establishment in 2003, Harrogate ABC has provided members of the public with an opportunity to learn to box - both recreationally alongside providing a route to competitive boxing whilst teaching people how to take care of theirselves inside and outside the ring.We have have seen success with a number of talented boxers over the years with at both club and county levels. Harrogate ABC was the first gym of both professional boxers Will Simpson & John Patrick Harker. 

Currently, we have a squad of competitive boxers who are both sparring & competing around the county country regularly. Some of these boxers are currently attending regional (Yorkshire) Squads as well.  


They are lead by Head Coach Ben Smith who has previously completed for the club until an injury forced him into coaching.  He has been around the gym since he was 10 years old. 

"We now have a core set of values in the gym, these include honesty, integrity and respect for everyone. Our ethos is that we produce boxers with values & positive, coachable mindsets over just raw talent. We look to produce members genuine, down to earth and reflect the gyms values. 

 Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. 

I don't think there's a better environment for young people than being in amateur gyms.  I've seen people completely turn their lives around over the course of several years within our club. I personally can attest that it kept me out of trouble when I was younger and gave me belief in myself & valuable life skills that I still use today." 


We accept everyone in our gym and can work around any learning preferences that are required.

Ben Smith @bensboxing