Harrogate Boxing Club

We have been running since 2003 & provide the public with an opportunity to learn how to box. Harrogate Boxing Club is a community based gym.

We provide a fun and disciplined learning environment which teaches people how to take care of theirselves both inside & outside the ring. Scroll down for more infomation on our General, Carded, Women, Kids Classes.

We believe in values above all else and try aim to provide an outlet for postive social change alongside providing a route to competitive boxing with our national governing body England Boxing , Amateur grass roots boxing helps 1000's of people turn their lives around and boxing as a sport can teach you a lot about yourself & life.

Competition Boxers (invite only)

Monday 7pm-8:30pm

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Friday 7pm-8:30pm

Carded session by invite only for our competiton carded boxers. All carded boxers should turn up with full kit including gumshield, handwraps, groin guard & water.

General Boxing sessions
(Suitable for beginners)

Monday 6pm-7pm

Wednesday 6pm-7pm

Friday 6pm-7pm

No need to book

Just need sports clothes and a drink

Please make sure you allow suitable time to sign in & pay (this means at least 5 minuites before our warm up is due to start)

*if you have never boxed before please try to come down 10/15 mins before the session so that we can go through some basics with you before the session starts)

Kids Class
Kids Class (ages 4-12years)
Fridays 5pm-545pm.

£5 no need to book

Just need sports clothes and a drink

Click here to be added to the parents Whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/I1vqjyeaf8i3fcctdNSwbA


1-1 Boxing Lessons

Improve your boxing technique with a 1-1 session with our Head Coach Ben Smith.

Use booking button above to see availability

Payment must be madeupfront via bank transfer

£35 p/h session includes session plan + feedback, videos to go & watch

Text/Whatsapp 07852251744

Message @bensboxing or @harrogateboxing121 on instagram

Bring a friend a long with you and reduce the cost - £25pp for 2 people. Message to book for more than one person!

Womens only boxing

Sessions are ran by Steff Jackson who is a qualifed level 1 boxing coach

These sessions run every Tuesday at 7-8pm & cost £5

Just need sports clothes and a drink, we have everything else!

man in red jersey shirt wearing red boxing gloves
man in red jersey shirt wearing red boxing gloves

Some of our boxers in action

Old school values & mentality with modern updated training regimes

Carded Comp Boxers

The end destination after months of hard work. Where you want to be if you want to compete!

General Session | Wednesday 6pm

Our best 'new' person night. 2/3 Coaches are down to help you get the most out of boxing. This session is the only path to competitive boxing as we ask people to demostrate the values of the club. Consistency & hard work are your best friends here!

Contact us if you have any questions

As much as we love to hear from you, this website was created so that there was all the information you need in order to just come down to our gym! Please be aware that there is only 1 person operating all social media, answering phone calls not just to the public but to other coaches for sparring and competitive bouts + other business so please be patient when waiting for a reply.

In closing: No need to book, £6.50 in cash, £7 minimum card charge, sports clothes and a drink and you can come to any of the Monday Wednesday or Friday sessions at 6pm! Please refer to FAQ & timetable for more info!

If you have never boxed its advisable to come down 15/20 mins before the start of the session to go through some basics (for free) before the session starts - that way you can make the most out of your time at our gym!