The Best introductory boxing Equipment

Picked by our Head Coach Ben Smith

Navigating the world of online boxing equipment can be daunting, with choices ranging from budget-friendly to premium. I have personally curated a list of hand-picked recommendations that cover the full spectrum, from affordable to a few top picks. I’m constantly asked for recommendations for boxing gloves and other equipment so here’s a list of my top picks. We exclusively recommend products we've tested and found to offer exceptional value in our own gym. Get ready to discover the best boxing gear options, tailored to your needs and budget.

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#1 Everlast Pro Elite boots

I think I first saw these boots roughly 3/4 years ago now. I was immediately attracted to them due to the higher rate of ankle support available. Unlike a lot of other boxing boots these boots are more what I'd describe as wrestling boot/trainer mixed together. The outcome is great stability that I have found unparalleled in other boxing boots. These can feel a little tight so maybe buy half to the next side up! I recommend these to all my boxers and many who have had prior ankle issues told me that they haven't rolled their ankle since. The large surface area of the sole means that theres a great response for quick direction changes and taking angles.

For me these are my number 1 and most expensive boot on the list!

Boxing Boots

#2 Adidas Box-hog

Adidas box hog's have been around for years.

Standing the test of time these bog hogs have been a staple of the amateur scene for years!

Having being the only pair of boots I ever actively competed in I definitely would say that they are worth a shout. Whilst I preferred the look of Nike boots I found them to be a little bit too narrow and found the adidas boots to fit better around wider shaped feet. They offer an okay level of support and for the ankle and are a big step up from just wearing trainers, they are really lightweight. These retail around £60 and would be number 2 on the list offering a nice mid market point. Personally I'd probably spend the extra on the everlast ones.

Boxing Gloves

In this review, we'll explore how the often overlooked £15-£25 "low level" boxing gloves tend to outperform their midrange counterparts, which are often nothing more than the same product with a branded label slapped on. Your average £15/20 glove will be (usually) of about the same quality as any sub £50 gloves - in my experience anyway - and yes there's definately outliers here. When buying gloves at the start its a trade of between cost/quality and also factoring if boxing is something you're definately going to stick with before heavily investing

Joint #1 Value glove

Metis boxing glove!

Metis Boxing glove, ideal for beginners! I bought some of these gloves to use down at our gym and have sold several sets to our members. In the 6 months since, I've had only positive reviews about them and no quality control issues. These are a solid basic glove, I'd recommend 12oz for regular training and 14/16oz versions for anyone over 70kg (always wrap hands properly).

Be smart boxing glove!

This is a great example of how you could potentially save yourself some cash. My mum wanted to have a go at boxing and didn't fancy using the smelly gloves we have down at our gym. She showed me some low quality overpriced products that she said she would have bought. After some research I found that these besmarter gloves would be worth a go at the price point. 2 years later these gloves are still being used (not by mum who stopped after 2 sessions) but by our general members 3x a week. These have not ripped and feel identical to some of the midrange £40/50/60 gloves we have

Best Mouthguards

Some of the cheaper ones are the best you'll ever have in my experience. A low to midrange has always done me absolutely fine & has outperformed many expensive ones that people have bought in our gym.

I would always recommend buying 2 just so you have a spare at all times! Remember if you want to compete in the same mouthguard it isn't allowed to have any red on it under England boxing rules.

Joint #1 Best budget friendly mouthguard

Beast Gear mouthguard

This first one was one I used in the last few years of me competing. The price has since dropped as well making it even better value. This beast gear mouthguard I will personally attest was the most comfortable and best fitting one I ever used. I've recommended this to at least 5 other people who've all mirrored what I have said above!

Orpro Gold Level

Opro's gold level mouthguard

This was one I used for a few years before losing it. I'd say that the two mouthguards listed above, they were about on par and in terms of fit. I can see the orpro one being slightly more protective but feel like I wouldn't know which is which in a blind test.

Best Hand Wraps


Adidas Hand wraps (25cm5 or 450cm, priced accordingly)

didas boxing hand wraps are the ultimate choice due to their skin-friendly material that offers exceptional comfort. They provide excellent stretchability while avoiding the common issue of becoming stiff over time, setting them apart as the top recommendation. I have used these wraps for over 10 years and are my go to recommendation. They may cost more than your ultra budget ones you'll only end up regretting not paying for that extra level of comfort.

Gel Gloves

I would say that these are what people initially buy for simplicity but end up stopping using due to hand wraps with a sponge being a better option and more protective. Although these are less time consuming and you don't have to learn how to wrap your hands. Ideal for keep fitters.

These wraps feature a gel padding that cushions and supports your knuckles, wrists, and hands. The secure hook-and-loop closure ensures a snug fit which offers a little bit of wrist support.

If you are buying this product please make sure the gloves actually have gel in them as they're is a cheaper fabric version available which I do not recommend